I’m sure by now you all know that Kate Moss was shot by Mario Testino for the August cover of American Vogue. How disappointing is this cover? Granted, it’s American Vogue and their covers are always so boring and commercial but with the hype surrounding the shoot a few months ago and the rumors that circulated you’d think they’d at least choose an interesting cover shot! I mean it’s beautiful but so predictable! If there was a way to make American Vogue more relevant and back on the top of the fashion mag game shooting an edgy Kate Moss editorial would have been it. I suppose the average consumer doesn’t know the difference and wants pretty pictures of people they know when they shell out money for Vogue. Sales on their print advertising space seems to be as good as ever despite the turn towards the internet and at the end of the day I have to accept that it’s a business and it’s there to make money and commercial looks is what sells issues and subscriptions. But for me fashion and fashion photography will always be art and it’s so disappointing to see opportunities for brilliance so completely wasted.
I hope this didn’t kill my dream of someday working at Vogue…



  1. It’s funny, I used to think everything she did was perfect, including everything she wore [Britney] but looking back, like you said, a lot of it was dorky or off, but still she was the perfect pop star in her day. And I love her still.PS: Kate looks phenomenal in these, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I know right. They finally decide to put a model on the cover, but it’s Kate Moss. How about a beautiful unknown model? HOW ABOUT THAT ONE?!?!?

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