Tomorrow morning 26-year-old Jason Wu might be the most famous designer in the world. While us Voguettes have been following Jason’s career for quite a while now the general public has been mostly unaware of this young talent. That changed tonight when our first lady, Michelle Obama, chose a  Jason Wu gown to wear the inaugural balls. 
Jason just told CNN tonight that while he designed the dress specifically for Mrs. Obama but he had no idea that she had picked it until he saw it on TV!
I’m so happy to see Michelle continue to support young, emerging talents when she could have easily chosen a more traditional look by a well known designer. 
The heavily embellished goddess shaped gown came in a surprising color: after all Michelle has in the past favored bright, bold colors (for the inauguration ceremonies she wore a bright lemon sherbet suit by Isabel Toledo) so the white seemed fresh on her. Maybe it was a nod to new beginnings? 
Fashion was not, of course, what the day was about. I urge all of you to check out President Obama’s USA Service and sign up to find out about different service opportunities in your area. It isn’t just about spending a day in a soup kitchen or painting a school (although this type of work is important and you can find these opportunities on the website) there are small things too like putting together a care package for a solider, donating canned food to food pantries, or even just giving a pint of blood. Every little bit helps and I encourage you to get involved!


  1. I love Michelle Obama so much it’s a bit overwhelming. Barak’s okay too. 🙂Eee! I love our new “first family.”

  2. Brilliant post, I agree that the fashion was amazing but there were also some really other amazing things going on as well 🙂

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