I hope everyone had a great long weekend! 
Last night was the return of the most fashionable show, Gossip Girl, and of course the most amazing fashion belonged to my personal fashion icon, Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester.) 
And Blair didn’t disappoint…
Marc Jacobs? Check.
Amazing headbands for every outfit (and every event)? Check!
Ferragamo bag and LV luggage? Check!
But most importantly…
THAT VINTAGE STYLE PRINT ONE PIECE! Isn’t it beautiful? I am obsessed. 
Who else wants to swap places (or at least wardrobe and bank account) with Blair Waldorf?



  1. blair is incredible. everything she wears is the absolute living end. the new 90210 has nothing on the girls of GG. fake chanel? what the hell is up? blair waldorf ’08

  2. I love Blair!! And Chuck! Seriously, he was so CUTE in that episode and you could really see that he was so sad too! Love it! Next episode now, please.

  3. Love that vintage printed bathing suit! Also that Ferragamo bag is love <3Unfortunately, I've never seen an episode of Gossip Girl. I guess I could download it but well I neither have the time nor the patience for that. Gotta beg my boyfriend to download the first season. From what I see on the web the girls on the show are always so nicely dressed!

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