I’ve already got my tickets for The Hunger Games on Friday night- do you?
Four days to go and today I thought we’d look at District 12’s best artist, Peeta Mellark.
So which real life designer do I think is the most like Peeta? 
Only Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz could come close.

Both men are thoughtful, kind, and talented.
While Peeta crafts beauty out of despair with his cake decoration and paintings Alber masters the world with his extraordinary designs and horticultural talent!
(I bet you didn’t know that Elbaz is quite the gardener at his holiday home in Antwerp. It might be Amsterdam. I can’t remember. But he does garden quite well!)
They also both have a history of being the outsider- As a District 12 tribute Peeta doesn’t stand much of a chance in The Hunger Games and Alber Elbaz has experienced life on the outside after being replaced at YSL by Tom Ford.

My favorite looks from Lanvin’s 2012 collections and Peeta showing off his extraordinary painting skills for the Game Makers.
(Collage by TheBostonista.Com, Pictures courtesy of Style.Com, and People Magazine)


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