A couple of little things on this glorious Monday afternoon.
First, I’m super excited to tell you that I’ve been featured as a “Modern Icon” on The Style Up’s blog!If you’re not familiar with The Style Up, it’s a super cool service that sends you an email every night with tomorrow’s weather report and an outfit suggestion based on your personal style.Over time, their engine learns more about your style based on how you rate previous outfit suggestions.
I’ve been using it since it launched earlier this year and I’m completely obsessed. First of all, their weather reports seem to be way more accurate than the local weatherman and I love getting the personalized inspiration each night. 
On another note, I’ve been nominated by CityVoter’s Boston A-List as one of Boston’s Best Fashion Blogs. I’d love you forever if you could take a second and vote for me! You don’t have to live in the Boston area and you can vote daily. Last time I checked, I was in fourth place so please please please help a blogger out! 


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