It’s really no surprise that I like to dress to a theme. So for a recent day trip to Nantucket with some of my favorite bloggers and Nantucket Island Retail, I decided to embrace the Official Preppy Handbook full force. If you can’t pop your collar on Nantucket, where can you?

OK! I didn’t go that far, but I did raid the J.Crew Factory at Assembly Row before my trip and dusted off my trusty Jack Rogers. I was so excited to be back on Nantucket after my trip last fall, especially in prime summer weather!

I wasn’t disappointed! There is something so magical about ACK, even on a quick day trip! You could never see everything in a day (the island is just over 105 miles, after all) but the downtown area is so charming you’ll want to visit again and again and again. We explored the shops on the wharfs, grabbed lunch at The Tavern and stopped for some cones at Stars Ice Cream. The sky was blue, the ocean was sparkly, and the peonies were in full bloom. What more could a girl ask for in an afternoon?

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