blogger-in-cafeYou’ve probably noticed that I didn’t exactly follow through with my last post since that was two months ago. My bad. After I wrote it, I decided that I wanted to majorly upgrade Bostonista into a more modern, easy-to-read read! Unfortunately, that takes time. Time and some serious skills. While in the process of switching boring things like software, servers, and hosts, the blog took some much-needed downtime.

Fast-forward to today! Some of my changes are already up and running while others might take a few months. Older posts need some photo updates and I’m still learning the quirks of WordPress, so I hope you’ll excuse a missing photo or two. I know a lot of bloggers wouldn’t relaunch until things are perfect but I’m not perfect and neither is my blog! At the moment, my goal is to have two new posts a week while also updating the archives. I hope you’ll stick with me!


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