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Happy New Year lovelies! Did you all have a good holiday season? I spent mine at home with my family with a lot of focus on my 15-month-old niece, lots of sweets and lots of Daisy’s Westie cuddles. I can’t think of a better way to spend Christmas!

A year ago, I shared . I’m still not a big fan of all the resolution pressure but I’m turning 30 in 2015 and I know that I need to make some changes. With that mind, here are the three commitments I’m making to change my life in 2015 and some of the steps I’m taking to achieve them!

Re-Committing To My Blog: This year I’m determined for Bostonista to be as successful as it can be possibly be. I’m ready for the serious work that needs to be put in- no more coasting. I want to get back to what I love- writing about fashion and style. In that spirit, I’ve purchased an in-depth blog planner for 2015, signed up for some classes and will be investing in some new tools. I’m creating an actual schedule and setting aside an hour a day, six days a week to just write and take care of blog things. Part of being truly successful is having a positive attitude, right? Which brings me to my next commitment..

Changing How I See Things: I think of myself as a generally positive person. Sort of. It’s not that I’m walking around brimming with negativity but I do automatically jump to the worst case scenario multiple times a day. Except when it comes to people. I tend to always see the best in others. I’ve relied on other people to make me happy. If something goes wrong in a friendship or relationship, I assume that it was my fault because, deep down, I think I’m the lesser person. That I have nothing to offer, that my opinions aren’t that important, that their preferences and needs should be put in front of my own. But I also hold other people to those imagined, best versions of themselves so that when they shatter that image it’s not just a disappointment but a betrayal. Going forward, I’m going to listen when people tell me who they are and what they want and actually believe them. But I’m also going to be who I am and tell them what I want too. You can’t rely on other people for your happiness and from now on I’m taking it into my own hands by changing my attitude. I have worth, someone else’s success isn’t my failure and tomorrow is full of possibilities. And finally…

Getting Healthy: I think the happiest people are probably the healthiest people. I’m over feeling exhausted and sluggish all the time and being a prisoner to my anxiety and stomach issues. I’ve already started walking more and taking the stairs (even at the Porter Square T), and signed up for a weekly yoga class. Hey! It’s a start right? I’ve scheduled my B-12 shots out for the next nine months, have an appointment with a nutritionist, bought a multi-vitamin and have cleared as much of the processed food as I can stand out of my cupboard. I’m hoping that by curbing my sugar (and midnight snacking) habits by at least half that I’ll start to feel (and look) better in a few months.

What are your goals for 2015?

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  1. That is awesome! Although you already do look good though:)

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