Bostonista: Look, it shows all this stuff you could buy for the price of this one Chanel bag. Like, 9,687 Starbucks tall lattes or 34 weeks of tuition at Harvard. With $31,000 you could get 2.5 pounds of gold, two smart cars, forty-one botox injections….
Mommy Dearest: Our house…
Mommy Dearest: $31,000 is the amount of the down payment your father and I put on this house in 1985.
Bostonista: Who needs a house when you have an alligator skin Chanel bag??



  1. cute… but that chanel alligator bag is soooooooooo cute. i have it in my hand and had to walk away. i guess reg. classic will just do for now.

  2. If I had $31,000 to spend on something frivolous I would go on an epic vacation!

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