For the past couple of seasons I’ve felt that John Galliano’s collections for Dior were too literal in their influences especially for ready-to-wear. They were repetitive and so much less inspiring than his past shows.
But just as I thought he had lost his touch he turns out a simply beautiful collection! Yes it rehashes his obsession with British equestrienne life but for all the leather and jodhpurs there was interesting knitwear pieces, and tiny chiffon pieces that would be just as beautiful on a date in Manhattan as they would as a formal dinner for 12 at your country estate. My favorite pieces were the most lingerie inspired and, of course, I always have a weakness for thigh highs so there was plenty to covet!
Click on the thumbnails to check out my favorite looks from the collection…

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  1. ahh i was outside of this show in paris! it was amazing. however, the music was a little poorly chosen for the style..alicia keys? hmm.

    and karlie kloss is way more gorgeous in person, somehow!


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