So I know they are a little tacky and probably not very comfortable but I am totally obsessed with these Sigerson Morrison for Target flats. And it looks like I’m not the only one! The shoes are actually completely sold out from the Target website. If you’re  not satisfied they also come in a pretty pump and lots of different colors.


  1. Bostonista

    they come with blue studs, gold studs and pink studs too but I like the silver ones best bc they could go with anything. I was at target today and they only had 1 pair of the silver ones in a size 8 (I’m an 11) so I couldnt even try them on! 🙁Oh well!

  2. Hey, Bostonista!! 🙂Ohh, I hear you, it gets dark wayyyy too early now 🙁 I’ve had to switch from taking my outfit photos to the morning versus in the late afternoon, like I used to. I hate the dark early thing. Oh well. I wish it was colder too, but pray it gets here. Supposedly Sunday? Maybe! 🙂Thanks for the lovely comments in my blog, darling! About the dress, I was stunned when I saw it in forever too. Loved it on me so much, I just had to buy two. (I wore the other on my Birthday!) I’m bad, I know. Shopping is an addiction.

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