Checking out the contests of another girl’s purse has been quite the craze lately. From magazine features of what celebs stuff into their designer bags to the ever popular Flickr group What’s in Your Bag? it seems we all want to know what other women find essential in their daily lives.
But it turns out the contents of my Minkoff are pretty boring.
Lip gloss, charlie card, a change purse, wallet, a mini first aid kit, and my blackberry.
So I thought instead I’d show you the current contents of my makeup bag.
Especially since I’m a beauty product addict!
Sorry for the crappy picture quality- I’m pretty sure I’m the only blogger left on the planet without a DSLR!
Lets go clockwise shall we?
My metallic blue cosmetics bag is a few years old from the Marc Jacobs store on Newbury St.
So what is currently on your face (and in your makeup bag)?
(Thanks to Makeup for Life for the picture of Lily D getting her makeup done!)

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