Every January around this time I start to get a little bit restless.

Living in New England you’d think I’d be used to endless winters since they can start in October and last through April. 
But I’m not a winter person. 
I like hot, sunny days and flimsy dresses and sitting out on the deck. 
Once the holidays are over I have zero tolerance for cold weather or snow. 
So, here we are in the middle of another January and, even during a mild winter like this one, I can’t reconcile myself to another two and a half months of possible storms and early nights. 
The fact that most stores are already full of warm weather clothes just makes me ache for spring even more! The solution to beat my frigid mood? Color!
Suddenly reds, greens, neon, and brights are catching my eye like never before!
Most of my day dreams have been centered around this PS1 wallet.

Isn’t that citron just so happy? I feel like I could be in a convenience store grabbing milk in the middle of a blizzard and pulling out this wallet would immediately make the world seem warmer! 
Another way to brighten up my world would be to add to my small collection of Equipment blouses with this one in hot pink! 
They are so soft and comfortable I almost don’t mind how expensive they are- almost! But sometimes a little retail therapy is the best cure for a gloomy day, don’t you think?
Slightly closer to my price range is this CC Skye bracelet with hints of neon weaved between the metals!
Isn’t it charming? It would add just the right hint of color to nearly any outfit, I think.
So, how are you beating the winter blues? At this moment I’m willing to try just about anything!
(Thanks to Revolve Clothing, Karen’s Whimsey, and Proenza Schouler for the pictures!)



  1. I can totally relate. Despite a nice and mild winter, I'm sick of it already! I'm ready for bright colors and warm weather.

  2. I LOVE that blouse. I definitely need to find a more budget friendly version.

  3. Zipper hair! Aaaah yes, that hurts 🙁 and is so annoying. Haha I love Cosby and his sweaters, nice comparison!! 🙂

    P.S. If you treat yourself to the ysl ring, send me the link. I also have it in turquoise and LOOOOVE it to death. SO worth the splurge 🙂

    x X

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