(Mitch DeRosa owner of Mitchell John Salon)
With everything that has been going on, I’ve been hesitant about posting. 
But, I’m Boston Strong and we need to go forward. Especially as I wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone who has been so amazing to me!
On that note, I have to tell you about the great experience I had at Mitchell John Salon two weeks ago. 
My roots were crazy and my ends were fried so when Jacquilyn invited me into the salon for an appointment with their hair color specialist, Meghan, I couldn’t get the Financial District fast enough!
(My hair before my visit. Look at those roots!)
Opened twenty years ago by owner Mitch DeRosa, the salon is a bit of an institution in downtown Boston. But don’t assume that it’s stuffy; the salon and it’s stylists are on the edge of the latest trends and techniques so you leave the salon looking thoroughly modern and like your best self. Mitch is also one of the founding partners of cult favorite line, Living Proof, so it’s a great place to test out the line (recently invested in by Jennifer Aniston) and see what will work best for your hair. 
(Inside Mitchell John Salon)
I’m always a little nervous before going to a new salon; What if the vibe is completely wrong? What if the stylist doesn’t get what I want? What if they try to convince me I want something else?
My fears were calmed as soon as I walked in. It’s a sophisticated, open space but everyone is so friendly (oddly, not always the case when it comes to salon receptionists) and laid back that I was immediately comfortable. I slipped into a robe, was given a warm cup of tea and sat down to discuss my “look” with Meghan.
I had a picture of Kate Upton to try to explain the color I’m always chasing after: cool, almost white but with depth. I knew I needed a toner to get the gold out (I’m somehow always being talked into settling for a warmer blond by stylists…) and my roots needed to be covered. Meghan wasn’t stumped. She knew exactly what to do: cover roots first (Mitchell John Salon uses both Goldwell and Wella for color. We went with the lightest available Wella shade) then highlights followed by a toner/gloss treatment. 
It’s quite a process!
The Wella color is fabulous, it doesn’t burn the way a lot of color does. It also lifts and dyes so it needs to process for an hour. The chairs are comfortable, I had my tea, and a stack of magazines. But I was relieved when Meghan’s assistant brought me over to the sink. The first shampoo included an amazing scalp and neck massage so I was crazy relaxed as Meghan started my highlights.
Rather than foil, stylists here “paint” highlights freehand. It gives them a lot more creative control and allows them to layer, add, build and move highlights in a way that fits the client best. I have to say, this is the first time I’ve really appreciated the importance of a good highlight! It really helped to achieve the overall look that I wanted.
After all that (I think we were going on two and a half hours at this point…) I still needed to be toned! The treatment helped add softness and shine to my hair while also getting rid of any gold and keeping my hair pale.  Then, of course, I needed a blowout.
(Annnd after! Glossy, blond waves are so much better than frizz!)
So, a mere four hours after arriving, I emerged with bouncy, smooth, super blond, Kate Upton hair. I’ve never felt prettier. I was whistled at multiple times on my way home. And, thanks to Living Proof’s Prime, it stayed that way until I washed it a full seven days later. Seriously. It didn’t even feel greasy but I knew I needed to break the spell at some point! Worth the time investment? Most definitely! Besides, I usually spend at least three hours at a salon without the results that I want. 
If you’re looking for a new salon (or even if you’re not…) I can’t recommend Mitchell John more. My only complaint is the location since I’m never down that way but I think I can handle a longer walk from the T in exchange for such glorious hair! 
Interested? Mitch has been super generous by offering an exclusive discount to Bostonista readers! Just mention The Bostonista for 25% off your first visit. 
(These services were provided complimentary in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are entirely my own. Believe me, if I had a bad experience I’d tell you!)



  1. Kara the color is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! I can't believe how much of a difference it makes (I can even tell you look more confident in the after photos.)

  2. Your hair looks great, and don't you LOVE the Living Proof products? They are life altering. Ok, maybe that is a bit dramatic, but they are certainly hair altering. 🙂

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