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When I was asked to name my five favorite bloggers I thought that it would be impossible! I don’t comment often but I read a lot of blogs every day and I’m always amazed by the amount of style and talent out there!
A few daily reads immediately stuck out in my mind thanks to their grace, trend spotting, industry news, and writing.
So, in no specific order, here are my five favorite fabulous bloggers!
One of the reasons that Erika is so fabulous is that she is full of southern charm! I guarantee that you won’t find a sweeter blogger anywhere. She always takes the time to respond to comments no matter how many there are or how busy she may be! Mix that great attitude with killer style and it explains the huge amount of press from magazines and other bloggers. Erika is already a staple at NY Fashion Week and pretty much my blogging role model.
There are a lot of great street style blogs out there and a few get a lot of attention.
But the best one, in my opinion anyway, is Beyond Boston Chic! Martini has a great eye for finding and snapping the most stylish subjects in Boston and around the world on her many travels.
The most talented fashion illustrator out there right now is Belle from I know What You Wore Last Season. Besides her gorgeous artwork Belle posts daily inspiration like magazine photo shoots, lovely collection reviews, and model candids. She also has amazing backstage access at shows like Vena Cava and invites to Chanel with her camera in tow!
Not too many women can balance a big career, motherhood, and blogging let alone do it with style but you’ll find Naina does it all gracefully! Naina takes her blog beyond just personal style posts with book and movie reviews, coverage of Boston events, interior design, her adorable daughter and a whole lot of the good things in life.
Audrey Leighton’s style goes beyond glamorous; it is downright eccentric.
And that’s why I love her.
I’ve also really enjoyed following her journey from Durham student in England to a fashion force living in Paris. She is pretty much the definition of a successful fashion blogger with her own online store, multiple collaborations with different brands, and all kinds of international press. I want to take some lessons in blogging from Audrey!

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  1. Great list especially Martini and Naina! Plus there are a couple of new ones for me.

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