The likelihood that I’ll ever be able to afford Chanel hanging in my closet is slim to none. Which is probably why I always get sucked into the latest Chanel polish craze because it is a part of the collection that I can afford and still feel stylish. More than two years ago, when Sarah Michelle Gellar told a reporter she stole a bottle of the coveted Black Satin from a stylist, I marched myself into the Chanel Boutique on Newbury St., put myself on the wait list, and with sheer persistence had my very own bottle in two weeks flat.
So it really isn’t a surprise that I shelled out for the latest must have- Vendetta from Les Noirs de Chanel collection. Chanel polish used to be unreasonable at $18 but, as I was surprised to find out at Bloomingdales, the price has gone up to $23. I flinched and handed over my credit card even though I always end up feeling like it chips too easily or loses its cool factor too quickly.
I don’t know if Chanel has changed the formula recently or if OPI has perfected their top coat formula but I got my nails done four days ago and they are still, miraculously, chip free. In the past my Chanel polished has chipped and lost its shine within a day while my normal manicure is lucky to make it to the end of day three. But Vendetta has withstood hours of typing, three long showers, driving, tapping my ipod touch, etc.
Plus, the color is just mesmerizing and changes from its deep purple to black to blue depending on the light and what I’m wearing. I recommend heading over to a Chanel counter and picking up a bottle!


  1. Chanel has such gorgeous, unique colors. I’m thinking of buying a few bottles myself, but I feel guilty to spend so much money on nail polish.

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