I don’t know if you’ve noticed but an awful lot of starlets have been talking about their battles with anxiety. Everyone from pals Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence to Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid, in an apparent effort to seem more relatable, have laid claim to panic attacks. At first, I loved when celebrities revealed their anxiety; if she can be an anxious mess and successful then so can I! Right?

But recently it feels like it’s a good PR move to hop on the anxiety bandwagon. It makes these otherwise alien women “relatable”. I don’t know Bella Hadid’s medical history, obviously, I don’t even know much about her, to be quite honest.  And I don’t believe this narrative is being meticulously crafted in a publicist’s office somewhere. Nor do I believe that this “confession” is entirely genuine. Or maybe it is.

#METOO Girl Walking In The City Life

There is a lot of controversy over the #MeToo hashtag that’s currently proliferating social media. I know that I don’t owe the internet my story, nor do I…

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